The Lougheed House

The Lougheed mansion was built in 1891 and was originally known as Beaulieu, which is French for beautiful place. Just looking at the house it was very aptly named because it is indeed a beautiful house. During the early years the Lougheed house, many of the elite of society were guests of the Lougheed family, royalty, celebrities and politicians. During the Second World War the mansion was home to the Red Cross for a blood donor clinic. If only the walls could talk!!

Explore the Lougheed House and gardens, take some time in the gift shop and then stay for lunch in the restaurant. If you go on the weekends they also serve brunch.

Glenbow Museum

One of the great things about the Glenbow is that it brings together a museum, library, archives and an art gallery all in one place. Their artifacts are extensive and their art collections are nothing short of brilliant.

There are a variety of programs which are offered to the public.The exhibitions which are brought in and displayed add so much to what is already offered. The historical documents, artifacts and the history of our western heritage, provides a glimpse of how this province grew up. Their permanent exhibits appeal to everyone and offer a look at the world beyond. There is also a gift shop and a Discovery room which offers activities for any age.

Aero Space Museum

An afternoon spent at the aerospace museum is a chance to take a walk back in time through aviation history. The hangar presently used to house the museum pieces was used as a training hangar in WWII and then as a helicopter hangar. The aircraft on display are amazing and date back to planes from flight’s early days to its jet planes.

What started out as privately owned collections have now become museum pieces for everyone to enjoy. The museum also has an extensive scale model plane collection and the attention to detail is impressive. Before you leave be sure to stop at the gift shop and pick up something special for yourself.

Cantos Music Foundation

You can drop in on Sunday afternoons or Thursday evenings for a tour of their collection. If you are a teacher or scout leader, this may be a great something to do for your class or troupe. Touring gives you an opportunity to see and play some of the rarest instruments in their collection. You can also get a few friends or family members together and book a private tour.

They have interesting exhibits and displays, which are diverse and celebrate all types of music. On the last Monday of the month enjoy the All Ages Blues Jam, everyone regardless of age can participate, each month features a special guest.

Military Museum

The Military Museum is Western Canada’s largest military museum. Go and discover the victories, the tragedies and the sacrifices of the Canadian Forces. The Military museum is a dedication representing Canada’s navy, army and air forces by educating the public about Canada’s military. The museum is made up of many different museums all in one. You have the Naval Museum of Alberta where you can watch the ocean roll by from a Second World War wheelhouse, watch convoys escort troops to Normandy, peer through a submarine periscope and see a real Banshee Naval jet fighter. You will learn all about Canada’s Ships and the sailors who protect our coastlines. Then you have the Army Museum of Alberta that exhibits Alberta’s military heritage from the 1885 Northwest Rebellion to today’s mission in Afghanistan. Learn about First Nations’ participation in the army and the reflection of women who served with the Canadian Women’s Army Corps.

Sit inside a Second World War Nissen hut for a pre-mission briefing of a bomber squadron’s operations in the Air Force Museum of Alberta. Explore a C-130 Hercules model and see today’s air force in action. Discover the role of Canada’s active tank unit from the Boer War to Afghanistan in the Lord Strathcona’s House Museum. See the Regiments transition from horses to motorcycle to tank for action in Italy and NW Europe. In the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Museum and Archives you can walk through a First World War Trench and learn the danger of peacekeeping. The Hall of Honour commemorates the regiments fallen soldiers and in the medals display you will find three Victoria Crosses. There are many more interesting museums to explore such as The King’s Own Calgary Regiment Museum, Calgary Highlanders Regimental Museum and Archives, University of Calgary Military Museums Library & Archives, The Founders’ Gallery and the Fall of ’44.