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CIR Realtor Rachel Windsor, a born-and-raised Calgarian and experienced Child, Youth and Family Counsellor, brings genuine warmth, great listening skills, patience and passion to her work for all her clients, from first-time home buyers to seasoned pros.

“There’s actually a lot of cross-over between real estate and social work,” Rachel says. “They are both helping professions, both come down to great organization and attention to detail, and of course listening is key: you have to leave your own opinions behind and really hear people out in order to assist them in finding a tailor-made solution that truly meets their unique needs.”

“I personally don’t enjoy pushy sales tactics, and it’s definitely not something you’ll see in my practice. I will offer my thoughts, ideas, expertise and provide details to help educate clients, but ultimately it’s not my home, it’s not my decision and it’s not my investment; I’m very much there to support my clients in making informed decisions,” she says.

Rachel enjoys working with first-time home buyers, and she’s happy to take the time to coach and educate. “It can be overwhelming, and lots of first-time buyers don’t know where to start,” Rachel says. “I’m a very positive and easily approachable person. I strive to build a genuine rapport and believe communication is critical to success when working together; I’m happy to help people out with providing referrals to collaborating professionals throughout the transaction process, reassuring phone calls, or texts — really whatever they need to feel comfortable and informed.”

Working in collaboration with clients is an aspect of the job Rachel enjoys most, and in fact it was the team environment and culture that drew Rachel to work with CIR. “It’s a huge plus for our clients, because it puts expertise and resources at my fingertips so I can reach out to get answers, to survey the market, and to advertise, which equals greater success for all our clients.”

A skilled negotiator, Rachel is highly motivated, organized, and efficient. She likes to see desired outcomes for her clients, and is well accustomed to tending to the legal documents, poring over the fine print, and meeting deadlines to get there. Rachel’s clients have found her approach to breaking goals down extremely helpful, as it makes them achievable and individualized. It creates a road map which assists in figuring out how to get to their desired outcome, in a manageable and efficient manner.

If you are looking for a determined professional who looks after the details and takes time with your questions and concerns, give Rachel Windsor a call, email her at or find her online at

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